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Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) popularly known as Radio Pakistan is the largest state media network of Pakistan with about 80 broadcasting units housed in 32 Broadcasting Houses across the country. Radio Pakistan through its multi pronged broadcast platforms like FM, Medium wave, Short wave and through satellite broadcasts is able to reach out to its listeners inside and outside the country in an unprecedented manner.

As a state mouthpiece, PBC highlights all initiatives, activities and policies of the government in a befitting manner in host of fields including defense, national security, economy, foreign policy, health, education, climate change and issues of public interest during the financial year 2019-20.

PBC projects Pakistan as a modern Islamic, Welfare and Democratic State and airs programmes to forge national cohesion.

It also postures Pakistan as a friendly, cooperative and peace loving country that is very much dedicated to fulfill its international commitments and responsibilities.

PBC aims to improve and enhance soft image of Pakistan through promotion of its rich culture treasure and make PBC a dynamic, effective and result oriented entity through proper utilization of its resources.


PBC Objective is to be a credible and effective medium to promote Pakistan as an enlightened and progressive Islamic country both at home and abroad. Due to its successful endeavor to inform‚ educate and entertain‚ PBC is recognized as Voice of Pakistan.

PBC’s extensive national network of AM / SW / FM stations and representatives spread across the country covers 96% of population and 90% of the total area in Pakistan.


PBC operates in line with the role and functions entrusted to it through the PBC Act-1973 (amended under Ordinance 2000) for the purpose to:

  • Disseminate the vision, policy and priorities of the Federal Government
  • Inculcate in masses the spirit of a resilient, courageous and emerging nation.
  • Creating in society the sense of responsibility, accountability, transparency & merit.
  • To highlight Socio-economic progress of the country with broadcast of public service programmes.
  • Provision of entertainment to the masses with programmes like Music, Features, Skits, Plays etc.
  • Promoting a very tolerant, responsible, peaceful and democratic behavior in masses.
  • To project on national and international level the rich treasure of art, culture, literature, common heritage and history of the country.



    The functions of the PBC is

  • to provide broadcasting services for general reception in all parts of Pakistan and the territorial waters thereof and on board ships and aircrafts (such services being hereafter referred to as Home Services) and in other countries and places (such services being hereafter referred to as External Services) for the purposes of disseminating information, education and entertainment through programmes which maintain a proper balance in their subject - matter and a high general standard of quality and morality;
  • to broadcast such programmes as may promote Islamic ideology, national unity and principles of democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance and social justice as enunciated by Islam, discourage parochial, racial, tribal, sectarian, linguistic and provincial prejudices and reflect the urges and aspiration of the people of Pakistan’
  • to broadcast in the Home Services such special programmes as the Federal Government may, from time to time, direct;
  • to broadcast programmes in the External Services to such countries and in such languages and at such times as the Federal Government may, from time to time, direct’
  • to bring to public awareness the whole range of significant activity and to present news or events in as factual, accurate and impartial a manner as possible’
  • to carry out instructions of the Federal Government with regards to general pattern or policies in respect of programmes, announcements and news to be put out on the air from time to time’
  • to hold the existing and to construct or acquire and establish or install additional stations and apparatus’
  • to hold the existing and to construct or acquire additional equipment and apparatus for telephony system in Pakistan for purpose of broadcasting;
  • to compile, prepare, print, publish, issue, circulate and distribute, with or without charge, such papers, magazine, periodicals, books, circular and other such matter as may be conducive to any of the functions of the Corporation; and
  • to collect news and information in any part of the world in any manner that may be deemed fit.




    Central News Organization (CNO) is the major source of dissemination of news with the aim to keep the people informed of important happenings at local, regional national and international levels. It airs 119 news bulletins of varied duration totaling 684 minutes in 29 national, regional, local and foreign languages.

    Massive coverage was given to situation arising out of abrogation of special status of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan raised its voice against it at all international forums which was vigorously highlighted. Besides, the PTI government organized various events in the country to express solidarity with Kashmiris. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s forceful speech in UNGA was given extensive coverage. Indian propaganda in this regard was effectively countered.

    The Central News Organization prepared news items and special packages with regular intervals with regard to the government’s initiatives of Ten Billion Tree Tsunami, Clean and Green Pakistan, Naya Pakistan Housing Program, Kamyab Jawan Program, and Sehat Insaaf Card.

    Special Reports were prepared regarding the government's flagship project China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Ehsaas program and its different components, including Ehsaas Kafalat, Nashonuma, Ehsaas Amdan, interest free loans, Ehsaas Langars, Ehsaas scholarship, Ehsaas Emergency Cash and Ehsaas Ration Portal. The response of the beneficiaries of these programs was made part of those special reports, depicting clearly as to how the programs are benefiting the poor.


    The News and Current Affairs Channel of Radio Pakistan reaches out to listeners across the country with different shades of opinion and unbiased analyses of top national and international news by eminent experts from different walks of life from 0700 to 2300 hours seven days a week. The headquarters of NCAC is located in Islamabad. Besides, there are also four regional units of NCAC located in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta respectively. The regional units are responsible to prepare one hours programme daily for NCAC.

    Efforts of federal and provincial governments for socio-economic uplift of provinces with participation of politicians, ministers, academics and important developments of the day with analyses by eminent experts are propagated in programmes such as Peshawar Diary, Quetta Update and Date line Karachi.


    Radio Pakistan has bilingual website in English and Urdu which is an authentic source of information for general public and news source for national and international media organizations. Radio Pakistan’s Social Media platforms have huge following. Its official Facebook account has above 2.5 million followers and Twitter handle (English) 7,6 5,546 and Twitter handle(Urdu)27,145 followers. Radio Pakistan also has 21,264 followers on Instagram and 10,000 subscribers at Youtube.

    All the major activities and briefings of the government functionaries are live streamed on Radio Pakistan’s official Facebook account and Twitter handle. Radio Pakistan’s national news bulletins are streamed live on its Facebook account in video format. Most of its broadcast stations are also available online on PBC website and official mobile phone Apps (Radio Pakistan) for Android and iPhone users (Radio Pakistan official). Radio Pakistan’s presence on the traditional and digital forums has enhanced its reach manifold at the national and international levels.


    PBC Programme Wing is engaged arduously in national campaigns for public awareness in general and about implementation of Federal Government policies across the country. PBC have 32 broadcasting Units across Pakistan whereas 24 channels including FM and AM are broadcasting Programmers.

    All PBC Stations broadcast special programmes in National/Regional languages on Children, Youth, Students, Women, Laborers, Farmers .Writers/Poets, Forces, Senior Citizens. The details of services provide on programme Wing are:


    i. Home Service:
  • PBC has 32 Broadcasting Houses and 72 channels across the country.
  • PBC broadcasts a total of 1140 hours programmes daily in 28 Languages.
  • National/Regional/Local Languages of PBC are 22 and Foreign Languages are 06.
  • PBC’s transmission covers above 90% area & 96 % population of Pakistan.
  • PBC airs programmes daily for 24Hrs. on Asia Set, Thai – Com Satellites and via streaming on its website
  • Ratio of Information, Entertainment & Education Contents is News & Current Affairs 25%, Education 27% and Entertainment 48%.
    World and External services broadcasts programs for six hours daily in six foreign languages and designed to cover Asia. These languages are Persian, Dari, Bangla, Chinese, Pashto (Afghani), Hindi, Hazargi. Presently these programmes are streamed only and also available on the Mobile App. World Service broadcasts programs for 8 hours in Urdu language for Overseas Pakistanis in Middle East and Europe.
    iii. FM SERVICES:
  • FM 101: PBC started FM 101 entertainment Channel for youth in1998. It has 19 broadcasting stations which are operating from Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Peshawar, Quetta, Mithi, Bhitshah, Khairpur, Kohat, Larkana, Bannu, Sargodha, Mirpur, Abbottabad and Bahawalpur.
  • FM 93.4: FM 93.4 is a Saut-ul-Quran Channel having 19 broadcasting stations. PBC broadcasts recitation of the Holy Quran along-with Urdu translation for 19 hours daily from its nineteen (19) Transmitters at Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Quetta, Gwadar, Peshawar, Narowal, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Khairpur, Bahawalpur, D.I Khan, Gilgit, Islamabad, Mithi, Skardu, Bannu, Sibbi and AJK Radio Mirpur.
  • FM 93: FM is a Community Channel having 11 broadcasting stations and it stared in 2008. It is operating from Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Mianwali, Karachi, Gawadar, Chitral, Gilgit, Skardu and Muzaffarabad AJK.
  • FM 94 Dhanak Channel: Dhanak Channels has 3 broadcasting stations which is exclusively dedicated to the promotion of culture and music of all provinces/areas of Pakistan. It has a network of three stations in major cities of Pakistan (Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi), which airs 16 hours transmission on daily basis. It deals with all walks of life, listeners of any age/gender/ language or field of life to relax, to inform and also to educate about music related to all type of categories (i.e classical to pop) and music related persons. It’s a good source of classic as well as upcoming music and national, regional and international music. Dhanak FM-94 is a platform to introduce new talent of music.
  • FM 98 -Dosti Channel (China Radio International) :This Channel was launched in 2012 in collaboration with China Radio International (CRI). Presently it is being operated from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.
    iv. AM Channels:
    1. Medium Wave 23
    2. Short Wave 01
    3. PBC 23 channels are also available on web streaming.

    v. Kashmir Broadcast:
    PBC also broadcasts a dedicated Kashmir-focused service from its three stations i.e. Muzaffarabad, Trarkhal and Mirpur (AJK) to highlight the World-level & UN recognized right of self-determination of Kashmiri people, atrocities committed by the Indian forces in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJ&K), resilient struggle offered by the Kashmiri people and Pakistan’s principled stance, on the issue to the Kashmir cause to support morally, politically and diplomatically.

    vi. Central Productions & Archives:
  • A fully equipped and digitalized unit with two regional sections is working for production, preservation and digitalization of archival material i.e. Classical, light classical, regional and folk music, (both vocal & instrumental) drama, documentaries & interviews of prominent personalities
  • At present recording of more than one Million Minutes is available, while archival material of approx. 7,74,000 minutes has been transferred on Compact Disks.
  • WEB DESK (Programme)

    Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation has setup a Web Desk to give access to listeners/viewers to listen in order to listen/view the audio/video of selected programmes divided by Religious, Current Affairs, Special Days and Events, Entertainment, Interviews, Anniversaries, Special Audience, Sada-e-Kashmir, Program Video Gallery, Music, Disc Jockey, Documentaries, External Services and FM 101. Programmes on Web Desk are uploaded on daily basis. The above mentioned and other routine programmes are appreciated by listeners through letters, telephone, emails, sms service, and social media. A computerized proper feedback system has also been introduced at the PBC Headquarters where statistics are collected from all over country. The average feedback in a month is 1, 68,000.


    PBC has the largest transmission network in the country with 32 broadcasting houses, 56 FM transmitters, 23 medium wave transmitters and one shortwave transmitter operating from 31 cities across Pakistan.The digital radio migration project of PBC is also in progress which was approved by PBC Board in January, 2020.As per Policy, Digital Migration Project will be implemented in three phases. While the composite PC-I of three phases was prepared at a total cost of Rs. 10.591 billion. Besides, the following projects are also underway

    1 The modified revised PC-I of project “Establishment of 100 KW Medium Wave Radio Station in Gwadar” with a capital cost of Rs. 431.626 million has been approved on 22-04-2020 by the DDWP.
    2 The project “Technical Up-gradation of Radio Station Multan under Official Development Assistance Programme of Republic of Korea” was approved by CDWP in its meeting held on 30-11-2018. Project has been completed on 30-06-2020.
    3. Work on the PSDP project “Rehabilitation of Medium Wave Services from Muzaffarabad (AJK)” has been initiated. The construction of the building of the transmitting station has been completed by PWD Muzaffarabad.
    4. Work on the PSDP project “Replacement of Medium Wave Transmitter at Mirpur” has been initiated. A new 11 KVA independent feeder line has been installed by the Electricity Department, Mirpur Division (AJK) and the case of sanction load @ 300 KW is under process with Mirpur Electricity Department. 80 % renovation work of old building has been completed by the PWD Building Division Muzaffarabad (AJK).


    International Relations Department sends its staff abroad to attend seminars, conferences and trainings. However, webinar replaced international visits due to coronavirus pandemic. Employees of different sections of PBC attended several courses to enhance their working capabilities.


    Pakistan Broadcasting Academy which is established to equip staff of PBC with modern techniques of broadcasting at local and national level also arranged various trainings, workshops and online trainings for capacity building of its staff.


    PBC Publications Karachi publishes the magazine “Ahang” with 1500 copies on monthly basis.


    Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation's sources of income are:

    a) Grants-in-aid made by the Federal Government for approved projects of the Corporation;
    b) Such annual subsidy as the Federal Government may grant;
    c) income derived from sale of programmes and broadcast time for advertisement; and income from other sources;