Notices / Clarifications regarding Tender/RFP of Establishment of Primary Data Center Facility along with Business Application for NIMAR

29th November 2022: Date for submission of technical proposal for Establishment of Primary Data Center along with NIMAR Business Application has been further extended till 14th December 2022

* Revised RFP will be published soon

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Queries Clarifications
Queries by Bidder - I
1 1 A bidder inquired about the Item mentioned at Sr. 15 in Section V: Schedule & BoQs of requirements.

Kindly clarify this clause, as there is no corresponding explanation available in the RFP
It is clarified that the item mentioned at Sr. 15 in Section V: Schedule & BoQs of requirements has now been excluded from the RFP.

Inter Connectivity among 18 organizations is part of this PSDP project but it is included in 2nd phase of this project due to financial constraints and same will be advertised along with the Tender for Establishment of DR Site of this facility in FY 2023-24 or earlier or as and when required.

In view of above, the item mentioned at Sr. 15 in Section V: Schedule & BoQs of requirements is not required and expunged from this Tender/RFP.
2 2 Please confirm that it’s a Turnkey Project or biodder can quote category wise as on page 66 of the RFP (Word Turnkey) has written, whereas page 86 Lot wise mentioned as well. Please Clarify Yes, preferably turnkey solution is requried and bidders are encourged to quote turnkey solution.
3 3 Please allow to quote prices in US $ instaed of PKR as currency fluctuations. It is prefered to qoute in PKR. In case if $ is used please consult Section II, ITBs C. Preperation of Bids, Sr. 16 Point 16.2
4 4 As per the new regulations set by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for seeking prior approval for establishing the Lcs. SBP taking months to grant approval. It is requested that to please extend the delivery timelines keeping in view SBP approval process as this SOP is beyound Vendor's control. Pl advise It will be considered while making Agreement with successful bidder
5 5 As this will be two stage two envelope bidding process, kindly consider and allow bidders to submit earnest money in 2nd stage or fix the amount of Earnest money to be submitted with the bid It is PPRA's "Two Stage" Bidding Procedure. Bid money needs to be submitted with financial proposal.
6 6 Please allow to conduct site survey It is allowed, Bidder may request the Procuring Agency for Site Survey
7 7 Will MoIB be requiring Tier-III certificate Only Tier-III compliance is required
8 8 Please note that RFP technical clauses seems brand specific, therefore it is requested to please generalize the clauses so that maximum OEMs participate. This is an open bidding process as per PPRA rules we have specified our requirements if the bidder feel any term is favoring any particular vendor please specify so that the same can be corrected.
9 9 Please confirm Training requried is local or foreign. Please also share the number of particiapnts against each category Bidder may suggest the Inland / International trainings & Certifications as per the proposed Data Center Solution for atleast 15 Officers
10 10 7. Category-I–2.1.1-12: DCIM Application for Primary DCF along 24 port managed Gbps Switch, 01 Solution.

8. Category-I–2.1.1-13: Smart Integrated monitoring System with Gbps Managed Network Switch

Kindly Clarify, there are two solutions or just one?
Just One
11 11 10. High density vented mesh front door & High-density vented mesh split rear door, 42U with PDU, Fixed & Slide Tray for Staging Area.

Kindly clarify? This is the Rack for the Staging Area? Kindly share the size and quantity required?
Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
12 12 16. Capacity Building, Certifications & Trainings of IT Officers on Designing & Operating of Data Center Facility

Kindly clarify the Specific Certifications required, and the number of "IT Officers" will be attending the training
Clarified at Sr. 10
13 13 Establishment of NOC / SOC including its Video Walls, LEDs, and other required equipment along with LAN Establishment in DCF (PR & DR) and other departmental internal connectivity as per requirement

Kindly clarify what is meant by "LAN Establishment in DCF (PR & DR) and other departmental internal connectivity as per requirement"
Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
14 14 2. LAN and Power outlets for Users of NOC/SOC and Staging Area, IP Telephones sets for NOC Area

Kindly clarify the scope of IP Telephones sets, is it part of the scope? If yes, IP-PBX is also part of the scope? If yes, kindly share details and specifications
Not required, Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
15 15 1. Access Control Systems with Electromagnetic locking, Retina, Facial, Biometric authentication for main doors of Data Center Facility, NOC/SOC, MMR and Power Room of Primary DCF

Kindly clarify the requirement of Retina Authentication? Is Retina or Facial Authentication required? Or both?
Both are required
16 16 1. Indoor Fixed POE, 12/24V Camera Standard at least 6MP Resolution 30FPS, 1/2 RU Network Video Recorder

2. Outdoor Fixed Mini Dome POE, 12/24V Camera Standard 5MP Resolution 30FPS, 1/2 RU Network Video Recorder

Kindly clarify the two statements, as both specify the requirement of NVRs, is the requirement for two NVRs? Separate for Indoor Cameras and Outdoor Cameras?
Only one NVR is required.
17 17 CCTV System. Sr. 4. At least 90 days backup

Kindly clarify, if the recording is required for "continous recording" or "event based recording"?
Continous Based
18 18 Cat-I, Section 2.2.2

It must have 3 Phase + N, 0.8 P.F, 50 Hz, 1500 RPM - Water cooled, Sound and Weather Proof Canopy, fuel tank and Complete Installation, Commissioning, Testing.

Kindly clarify, if there is a requirement for Fuel Tanks for the Generator? If Yes, then please specify the capacity fo the Fuel Tank in Liters. Secondly, also clarify if the fuel tank is required for each Generator or common both Generators
Yes only One common Fuel Tank is required, 1500 Liters (At least requirement is for 72 Hrs Power Outage Protection)
19 19 Cat-I, Section 2.2.2

Should be Integrated with DCIM.

Kindly clarify the statement, what needs to be integrated? Management or Monitoring?
20 20 Cat-I, Section 2.2.5

Construction of 2*4 feet (W*D) trench from generator to power room, from T/F to power room, Power Room to Data Center Racks including all accessories bends, tees, cross over, reducers, clamps, hooks, bolts, hanger etc. Complete in all respects (Imported Galvanized Iron Sheet).

Kindly clarify, a trench does not have accessories bends, tees, cross over, reducers, clamps, hooks, bolts, hanger etc. nor it is Galvanized Iron Sheet.
Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
21 21 Cat-I, Section 2.2.5
5. The trench should have enough space for future expansion.
6. 4C-150mm Cable PVC/PVC for Genset & WAPDA for ATS Connection with ECC 1C-70mm
7. 4C-70mm Cable PVC/PVC for UPS with ECC 1C-35mm
8. 5C-10mm Cable PVC/PVC for In-Row Precision Cooling Unit
9. 3C-6mm Flexible Cable for IT Racks from UPS distribution

Kindly Clarify, is requirement of cables in Copper or Aluminium?
22 22 Cat-I, Earthing System: Section 2.2.6
2. The floor structure will be connected to the grounding grid at each pedestal of Active Equipment as well as all other under-floor substructures and each PDU and air cooling units.

Kindly clarify, is there a requirement for raised flooring?
No, But Bidder can recheck and propose it after visiting the Location, if required.
23 23 Cat-I, Fire System Section 2.3.1
Suppression System:-
1. Fire Suppression NOVAC Gas Base for Primary DCF, NOC/SOC, MMR and Power Rooms.

Kindly clarify, if the Suppression System is required for NOC/SOC Room as specified?
Not required, Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
24 24 Cat-I, Hot Cold Aisle Containment System

The term SkyLight and specs, are specific to an OEM, kindly revise to allow participation as per PPRA Rules.
Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
25 25 Cat-I, Hot Cold Aisle Containment System

The term eLight and specs, are specific to an OEM, kindly revise to allow participation as per PPRA Rules.
Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
26 26 Annex-A, 5. Miscellaneous Civil Work :-
4. Branded Elevator (08 persons capacity) from Reception Area and Stairs for Reception Area, where required shall be installed or constructed

Kindly clarify, how this elevator will be powered?
Not required now, Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
27 27 Annex-A, 5. Miscellaneous Civil Work :-
14. Data Center Facility must have 90-mins Fire Rated Doors

Kindly specify the Fire Doors are imported or locally manufactured? and what certifications are required?
It should be imported and Galvanized steel conforming to ASTM specification A653 should be used or all fire-rated steel doors. All fire rated frames must be installed in accordance with NFPA 80 Standard
28 28 Cat-I, 6. Online Hot swappable modular UPS: -
1. PDF (Power Distribution Frame) must not be installed as rack mounted in IT/network racks for safety of IT equipment and must be provided as integrated in UPS cabinet or separate distribution frame.

The term "PDF (Power Distribution Frame)" is specific to an OEM, kindly revise.
Kindly share where the Distribution DB must be installed? Data Center POD or Power Room?
If inside the POD, then what is the difference between rack mounting it and installing the Distribution Rack in the POD, with respect to safety of the IT Equipment?
Power Room
29 29 Cat-I, 6. Online Hot swappable modular UPS: -

16. Lithium Batteries
ii. The lithium battery cabinet consists of the lithium battery module, intelligent battery management module, and power distribution cabinet. The power distribution unit (PDU) of the lithium battery cabinet provides an output circuit breaker to facilitate battery connection and disconnection and implement reliable battery protection.

The term "Intelligent battery management module" is specific to an OEM, kindly revise for equal participation.
Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
30 30 3.1 Storage for Pr. DCF Section 5

"High Density Model Each node should be configured with = 4 x 1.6 TB
NVMe SSDs. Cache disks do not occupy slots on main storage disks"

It is requested to please consider / remove "Cache disks do not occupy slots on main storage disks" as this will reduce hardware cost.
Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
31 31 3.2 Compute for Pr. DCF 3.2.1

Dual 2 TB or higher SSD

Either allow 1.92T/3.84T to let other brands participate.
Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
32 32 Cat-II-Table- 2
Dual 512GB M2 Card

Kindly remove if this is of no use.
Required for OS
33 33 9. Dual 10G/40G Eth/optical ports,

Kindly elaborate if 40G is still required
Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
34 34 10. 8GB Cache Raid controller with multi RAID Support

Kindly change it to 4GB and 8GB Cache Raid Controller is rarely used. Objective can be achieved with 4GB even
Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
35 35 12. NVidia NGC support for 3 years (24/7/6) for each system

Please remove this clause as this will allow maxium brands to participate and will create healthy competition.
Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
36 36 13. The proposed system should be NGC certified system.

Please remove this clause as this will allow maxium brands to participate and will create healthy competition
Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
37 37 16.DAC Cables along with SFPs (as per design or 5 M LC/LC Cables)

Please allow other options for connectivity as well like Optics as required functionality can be achieved as well other than DAC Cable.
Addressed in *revised RFP/Bid Document
38 38 Should have all the accessories / peripherals / items required to run AI in Virtualized Environment

This is application specific requirement. Kindly elaborate
This is application specific requirement. It is mentioned that Server should support AI based application in virtualized Enviorment.
Queries by Bidder - II
39 1 Section-II, Clause 15.7 ii) All customs duties, sales tax, and other taxes applicable on goods or on the components and raw materials used in their manufacture or assembly, if the contract is awarded to the Bidder and

The customs duties/sales tax will be only applicable for the goods manufactured within Pakistan, and for the Goods offered from abroad will be listed the taxes outside of Pakistan, Yes?
Any Government taxes or duties, if applicable, on proposed Solution/Product should be paid by the Bidder.