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PM directs provision of further relief to public through new measures

Prime Minister Imran Khan Monday directed his cabinet members to suggest and identify new measures aimed at public welfare by providing further relief to the masses.


He viewed that there were a number of issues over which without incurring any expenditures, the people could be facilitated through prompt administrative steps.

The prime minister issued the directions on the reports submitted to the PM Office by different ministries and departments regarding steps taken for the public welfare and facilitation, PM Office Media Wing in a press release said.

Different ministries and departments had identified at total of 64 new different steps for public facilitation, which were in addition to their regular responsibilities. Out of those steps, implementation on 35 had been made whereas work on the remaining 29 other areas was in progress.

The purpose of those steps was to improve the living standards of the common men by providing them succour and relief, and solving those issues which had been neglected in the past.

Under the prime minister’s direction, different ministries regularly identified various new measures in each meeting of the cabinet.

The Ministry of Communication informed that for the first time in the country’s history, a system had been introduced under which remittances sent by the overseas Pakistanis had been dispatched to their families without additionally charging them.

Under the ministry, access to the motorways and its uses were made easier for the special persons (suffering from physical disabilities).

The Ministry of Information had directed the Pakistan Television Corporation to allocate airtime for news about the latest weather updates for different segments of the society, especially for the farmers’ community.

The Ministry of Information also issued directions to electronic media channels, including the Pakistan Television, to include sign language interpretation in the broadcast for the audience with specific needs.

To facilitate females, all the offices of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) across the country have declared Friday as “women only day” enabling the women to access NADRA offices on Friday exclusively in addition to routine days of the week. The facility was extended so that they could visit the offices without any hassle.

A report regarding governance had been provided to all the cabinet members by the PM’s Special Assistant on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation.

The Ministry of Power had also introduced a comprehensive complaints redressal mechanism under which the consumers could register their complaints on a toll free number of 118 to get them resolved.

For the recruitment on class four vacancies, the Establishment Division had issued directions to all the ministries.

According to the report, to facilitate the overseas Pakistanis numerous steps had been taken. Queue-management system had been introduced at all the embassies and missions abroad by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Aviation had introduced a mobile ‘app’ to provide weather information and update.

The Ministry of National Health Services Regulations was introducing an automatic queue management and token system in the OPDs (out patient departments) of all the hospitals.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs apprised the prime minister that a pilot project to review water transmission project had been launched with the assistance of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis apprised that the “Call Sarzameen” mobile application had been introduced to facilitate overseas Pakistanis.

As part of these initiatives, the Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Division was disseminating data relating to Pakistani prisoners released by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to the concerned families.

It further said that in all the departments of the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation three per cent quota for the disabled children had been allocated which was strictly implemented. Wheel chairs to the physically impaired people were being provided. They were also being provided with educational fee concession for their children.In addition to the above steps, job quota for disabled is being implemented strictly.

The special assistant on overseas Pakistanis apprised that a mechanism was being devised for the education of children working at the brick kilns. Besides, focus was also being paid for the protection of rights of the people working in homes or informal sector.

The Ministry of Communications reported that for the first time in the country’s history the system for disbursement of remittances from the overseas Pakistani workers to their families back home free of cost had been implemented.

The Ministry of Information Technology apprised the prime minister that smart helmets for the people working in the mining sector had been introduced by the National Incubation Center Peshawar.

The Parliamentary Affairs Division apprised in its report that a gallery was being designated for the common man in the National Assembly and the Senate. Significant work had been accomplished in that regard.

The Establishment Division in its report said it was ensured that pension documents of the retired employees should be completed in a week, so that they could not face any difficulty in getting their pension.

It further apprised that for the officers in grade 17 and 18 of Pakistan Administrative Service and Police Service, it was made mandatory to initiate self-sustaining public welfare schemes in their areas of responsibility aimed at better service delivery.

The processing fee costing four to five hundred rupees for applying class IV vacancies had also been waived off, it further apprised.

It said instructions for arranging combined open katcheries and comprising the district administration and elected representatives had been issued.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting was introducing e-letter as a special measure to discourage false and unfounded news.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Religious Harmony had been collecting data of the properties under the Evacuee Property Trust Board.

The Ministry of Petroleum was working on the proposal to provide masks and gloves to those employees working on petrol stations so that they could be protected from the health hazardous impacts of petrol emission.

Work on different projects for proper utilization of youths’ capacities was also being implemented by the Ministry of Communication, whereas work on the establishment of four driving centers in collaboration with the UAE and Qatar had been underway, it further apprised.

A scheme to provide internship opportunities to the 35,000 young people every year was also being worked out, it added.

A special cell had been set up by the Ministry of Finance to monitor the news regarding the economy. The purpose of that initiative was to promptly check any fake or baseless news about the economy, while informing the public timely regarding news about the economy.

The Ministry of Law apprised that relevant law to tackle the issue of child pornography existed so there was no need to introduce new legislation. It emphasized that steps were being taken to enforce the contemporary legal provisions.

It further informed that work on proposal to set up “Imran Khan Legal Helpline Email” was in progress.

The Ministry of Energy apprised that for payment of monthly bills, consumers were being provided 10 days time. It said power would be supplied to the consumers on reduced rates during the winter season.

The Ministry of Human Rights apprised that a campaign to highlight child rights was being kicked off, besides steps were being taken for the creation of public awareness about the female children education through truck art.

It also said that special steps were being taken for the protection of the rights of transgenders’ rights and police force was also being sensitized.

The ministry further apprised that work on the Human Rights Information Management System was in progress under which information on the basis of education, health and social safety would be collected.

To discourage use of narcotics, ‘Zindagi’ app was being launched by the Ministry of Narcotics Control.

The Ministry of Aviation further informed that the Airport Security Force (ASF) personnel had been directed to fully facilitate passengers at all airports of the country.

The ASF personnel would not display their weapons, besides a proposal for the establishment of e-gates at Islamabad International Airport was also being considered to facilitate and expedite immigration process for the passengers.

The Aviation Division also said that ASF personnel had been instructed to facilitate passengers at airports to the maximum possible extent in terms of swift clearance. The ministry had also established a weather studio (media center).

The Cabinet Division apprised that under Sustainable Development Goals, funds for different projects had been released and the chief secretaries concerned endorsed that those funds had been given to the districts.

The Climate Change Division reported that a consultation process had started with the stakeholders and feasibility study was being undertaken for provision of solar stoves to prevent deforestation.

The Ministry of Kashmir Affairs said that steps were being taken to woo foreign investment in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The Housing & Works Division reported that work was underway to develop a plan of action regarding utilization of land occupied by government houses.

Under the prime minister’s directions, it was being ensured that well-mannered and civilized employees should be deputed at the reception of all the ministries and government offices to facilitate the public.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had issued direction to all the embassies/missions to specially focus on promoting exports, trade and attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

It further said that a comprehensive mechanism was being formulated for getting feedback from the overseas Pakistanis with regard to facilitation.

The minister for maritime affairs apprised that a proposal to construct high rise buildings for the low income employees at the Karachi Port Trust was also under consideration.

The Ministry of Interior informed that strict action was in full swing in the federal capital against those involved in the organized crimes and monthly reports in that regard were being submitted to the PM Office.

It informed that kiosk owners, whose kiosks were removed by the Capital Development Authority on the orders of the court, were being provided alternate spots.

The National Heritage Division apprised that consultation over the establishment of heritage authority continued.

In the report, it was also indicated that work on the establishment of a special economic zone on information technology in Islamabad was in progress.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs apprised that in consultations with the owners of the brick kilns, recommendations over levy of tax had been made.

The Finance Ministry said that Corporate Social Responsibility Voluntary Guidelines had been issued to all the companies.

The Ministry of Health apprised that proper disposal of hospitals waste material was ensured. This step was implemented in Islamabad and was being implemented in the provinces.

The special assistant on health services informed that special measures were put in place to discourage adulteration in foodstuff and medicines.

The ministries were directed to ensure implementation of all the initiatives and regularly submit their reports to the PM Office.